Mr. James

The Heartbeat Of Safety First Driving Academy
(Team Leader / Instructor)

At Safety First Driving Academy, our Founder, Mr. James, isn't just an expert in driving instruction; he is a man on a mission. With over 20 years in emergency response and firsthand experiences with the fallout of unsafe driving. Mr. James isn't just teaching driving, he's sharing life-saving skills.

Mr. James possesses extensive expertise in crime scene evacuations, crash site fatalities, and serving as a first responder on an ambulance unit for more than 20 years. During my four-year tenure working alongside him as his field partner, I witnessed his exceptional ability to provide timely and comforting support to families undergoing traumatic experiences.

His experiences involving individuals transported to the medical examiner's office, often due to failure to adhere to safety measures such as wearing seatbelts or practicing safe driving, became the impetus for his transition to a driving instructor and the establishment of his own driving school.

Mr. James' unwavering focus on saving lives transcends commercial objectives, as he prioritizes safety and responsibility over promotional activities or seeking accolades. Emphasizing the imperative nature of safe driving, Mr. James seeks to effect significant positive change through his commitment to serving the community.

Upon meeting Mr. James, his fervor and resoluteness resonate in his expressions and discourse. He regards driving instruction with utmost seriousness, recognizing its intrinsic connection to matters of life and death. While interspersing light-hearted humor, Mr. James steadfastly upholds his dedication to his crusade of preserving lives, one instructional session at a time. Life purposes vary for each individual, and I contend that Mr. James has found his in the realm of safe driving instruction, epitomizing the amalgamation of expertise, passion, and fervent acknowledgment of divine attribution.

Nicole Taylor

mama and james

James with His Mother

Mr. James' dedication for his mom

In September 2023 , I experienced the profound loss of my dear mother. She was the first person I ever loved, and she always supported and encouraged me. Even in her final moments, as she was receiving hospice care at home, she expressed her pride in me and in the work we do at this school. She was especially pleased with our efforts to support children with autism, a cause that was very close to her heart. My mother instilled in me the value of giving to others, and it is in her honor that I dedicate this academy to Mrs. Carol.



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