Our Founder, Mr. James contracted with the medical examiner's office in Orange County and Brevard County. He has an extensive background in crime scene removals and crash site fatalities and has worked as a first responder on an ER unit (ambulance) for 20+ years. I had the opportunity to serve alongside him for 4+ of those 20 years, and I saw in action that God would always give him the right thing to say at the right moment to comfort the families as they were going through a traumatic experience. I cannot tell you how many times he transported someone's child or an adult to the medical examiner's office that was not wearing their seatbelt, or they were not properly trained to be a safe, defensive, undistracted driver. Those experiences are what motivated him and inspired him to become a driving instructor and to start his own driving school. It has meaning and purpose to him and he has a passion for it. His goal is not to sell packages or get reviews and pats on the back, his mission is to save lives. Yea, he gives you homework like videos to watch and then he quizzes you on them, but if you ask me, that is what I call instructing. One of the things I recall Mr. James always saying as I worked alongside him was and I quote, "It's great to have the mindset, just don't forget to actually do the work." But his goal is to hopefully, with God working through him, save a life, because he has worked the other side of that fence. He truly wants to make an impact by giving back.

When you meet Mr. James, you will hear the passion and conviction in his voice, and you will see it in his eyes. Ask any student or parent that has ever interacted with him. He always says training individuals to drive is a serious business that requires serious people because at the end of the day it truly is all about life and death.

He is passionate about saving lives one lesson at a time. He always makes a joke that makes me laugh every time I hear it, he says he can teach his 8-year-old grandson Emery how to pass the road skill test in an hour and he would pass, but would he ride to Georgia with him? Probably not! Which makes Mr. James' point that he does not train people how to get a driver's license he teaches them how to be a safe driver first then he focuses on preparing them how to pass the road skill exam. Which is the easy part. Students also always ask him, "Mr. James, why are you always so calm and my parents always have so much anxiety?" and he always tells them, "Give mom and dad a brake kiddo, they don't have a brake." It tickles me every time I hear him repeat that in conversation and they always laugh!

We all have our purpose in life, and I believe that this is God's purpose for Mr. James, he has the Experience; he has a real Passion, and he always gives the glory to God.


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