GDL Laws

Here at Safety First we are committed to keeping our teens and all students safe, and working toward reducing crashes and fatalities in Florida.

When your teen enters his/her driving years, it can generate a mix of excitement and worry for you both.

We educate new teen drivers about safety laws that specifically apply to them, known as Florida’s Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) laws. (GDL) laws were designed to keep drivers under the age of 19 safe by giving them driving experience without distractions, and by limiting dangerous driving situations before they complete their lesson package and earn their full driving privileges. Since the passage of GDL laws, overall fatal crashes declined significantly for young drivers ages 16 - 19. Over the past 20 years. GDL laws have contributed to a near 50% reduction in traffic fatalities involving young drivers.

Tragically, seat belt use is lowest among teen drivers. In fact, the majority of teenagers involved in fatal crashes are unbuckled in 2019, 45% of teen drivers who died were unbuckled. Even more troubling, when the teen driver involved in the fatal crash was unbuckled, 9 out of 10 of the passengers who died were also not wearing their seat belts. Continued education about ( GDL ) laws and enforcement of the restrictions are important for maintaining positive results.


From the very start we here at Safety First Driving Academy teach our students rule #1, when you enter a car, whether driving or as a passenger, the very first thing you do is buckle up, with absolutely no exceptions. It should be taught and repeatedly taught over and over, to the point it becomes second nature, muscle memory, then they simply don’t forget.

Remember, your teen started learning about driving long before you began thinking about learner’s permits, driving classes, and teenage driving tips. Children watch their parents’ driving behavior from the back seat, learning how they interact with other drivers, obeying traffic laws and avoiding distractions.

Driver Education and private behind the wheel lessons is a big part of the learning to drive process, as it helps teens learn the rules of the road and how to safely operate a vehicle. Our State certified driving instructors here at Safety First Driving Academy, LLC who’s trained hundreds of students will help your teen learn the rules of the road and how to safely operate a vehicle. We do not teach teenage students or adult students how to retain a drivers license, we teach them to be a safe, defensive, confident (undistracted) driver first, and then we focus on preparing them to pass the drivers test, and retain their drivers license which is the easy part.

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