Safety First Driving Academy, LLC

Here at Safety First, our most pressing concern is your Safety. It is not a word in the name of our school or on the side of our cars, it is everything we do. We do not preach it, we actually teach it to all of our students. The Safety of your child or loved one, your most valuable possession, is our First Priority. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve you and the community, and our surrounding areas and to help our youth and all adults become safer drivers, while assisting them on their Journey to Independence and contributing to keeping our roads here in Florida safer.



real-time GPS

Our cars are equipped with real-time GPS tracking so that, whether you are at home or in a different state, you can always see where your child is while the lesson is taking place from the student portal. We also have dash cams that are constantly recording visually and audibly during our lessons in our cars, inboard and outboard, we can send you a link so that you can see the lesson after it is finished, so that you can see and hear everything that went on during the entire lesson.

Our Instructors

Our instructors go through a level two comprehensive background screening that includes fingerprint-based check for statewide criminal history records through the Department of Law Enforcement and National criminal history records through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), they go through a 32-hour course to become State Certified.

They must repeat this process annually. Our instructors here at Safety First will help you face all your fears, and you will overcome them together. They will make learning to drive fun, understandable, and enjoyable. We train our students to see the threat before the threat sees them, whether they be other cars or pedestrians. Our lesson plan works, and we do not waste that valuable time ubering our students over to a parking lot to drive around in circles, we offer real world driving lessons. The only way a student will learn how to drive is by driving. Our instructors do not shortcut the lesson plan by being lazy, we teach students to learn how to become safe, defensive, undistracted drivers and then we focus on teaching them to pass their road skill exam to get their license and to gain their independence, which is the easy part. We will not part ways with our students until they have demonstrated that they have comprehended and retained everything that they have been taught by their instructors to keep them safe.



If you are concerned and would like for our instructors to wear a mask, we will gladly accommodate. We have them in the cars for the students and the instructors. All you must do is ask. We sanitize the cars with Lysol wipes between each lesson.

  • State Approved License #5031
  • Private Behind the Wheel in Car Defensive Driving Classes & Online Traffic School Courses & DMV Testing
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Price Match Guarantee

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